How to Spot a Fake 2009 Stephen Curry Rookie Card

In today’s episode of spawning fakes i’ll be showing you guys how to spot the fake the 2009 steph curry a rookie card from tops now this is one of those popular modern basketball cards and i see fakes of these sold all the time on facebook and i’ve even seen a fake out of card still so if you want to know how to spot the fake make sure to subscribe down to this Channel and every single friday i cover a different fake on the channel for everything from mike trout’s rookie card all the way to michael jordan’s 1986 so make sure to check that out and i also want to let you guys know two important things first we hit 3 000 subs thank you very much i really appreciate it number two this weekend the first draft of the spotting fix is about to be done

So i can’t wait to finish editing this the next two weeks or so and then we’ll be publishing it all over the channel and can’t wait to share this book with you guys it’s been a lot of work building this out making all the different videos and all the research so i hope it’s worth it anyways i’m going my computer right now right so before we take a look at how to spot the fake of the stephen curry i wanted to Show you guys the value of the card and the tool i’m using here is market movers if you guys want a copy of the software really really great use it all the time i use code breakout link down below you get 20 off either your first month or a year i can’t recommend it enough like it’s such a good software now let’s take a look at the value of an eight nine ten and the reason why i look At eight nine ten is this is a modern card i if you’re finding it it’s most likely to be in better condition it’s only 2009 12 years ago it get picked up this card now the 10s they’re expensive so if you’re looking at a car and it looks pristine you should be a little bit worried the last tent on here sold for we’ll go this one right here about ten thousand dollars nines last.

One here is twenty two hundred dollars the last eight twelve hundred dollars so super super expensive card if someone’s trying to offer do you under a hundred dollars uh most likely it’s a reprint or it’s a fake or anything like that i mean reprints most reprints are fakes just to let you know um the only reprints that are legitimate is if like tops or putting a reprint a card that they

Once had um it’s fake if someone else makes it so if you’re looking at this card cheap it’s most likely a fake and i just wanted to show you guys the most common steph curry fake out there and i’ll show you that right now all right so there’s three main things i look at with the steph curry and you you can just know right away uh the first one right here

Is the foil and this goes back to the mic trout foil card which i made people that are making the fakes aren’t spending enough money and actually putting foil on these cards maybe it’s too difficult to do uh maybe they just don’t want to put all the effort into it who knows right if they foil these would be a lot harder to detect but if you look over here the foil printing foil

2009 Topps Stephen Curry

Over here this is all printed on the card right away if it’s not foil you are walking away the next thing that you can take a look at on these is the font at the bottom right so again you already take a look at the foil but look at how big the font difference is i mean look at stephen curry over here compared to stephen curry over here look

2009 TOPPS STEPHEN Steph CURRY RC Rookie #321 PSA 9How much larger also guard is compared to over here so the fonts don’t even line up i mean this is much larger over here compared to how small it is over here i mean this is so small and spread out this is tall and spread out so again no foil and uh the font is different another thing is the gloss on the card so you can kind of tell the pictures it’s easier to tell in person

But this card is a lot more glossier in the other one i mean this just goes with the card stock as well i mean if you take a look at this in person the card stock is completely different really really easy to tell if you compare a real one in a fake one at the time but if you don’t know what you’re looking for if you don’t know about the foil if you’re brand new to cards you can be

Scammed pretty easily because you wouldn’t be expecting someone to fake a card from 2009 but i can tell you guys that there is a ton of fakes out there both in modern and reprints so make sure to pay attention to these cards also like i mentioned in the intro i am about done with the first version of spotting fakes so be on the lookout