Jayson Tatum Rookie RC 2017-18 Player of the Day GREEN #3 *Extremely Uncommon SSP*

Jayson Tatum Rookie RC 2017-18 Player of the Day GREEN #3 *Extremely Uncommon SSP*

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Jayson Tatum Rookie RC 2017-18 Player of the Day GREEN #3 *Extremely Uncommon SSP*


I purchase on eBay extra than I sell, so I do know what it’s grab to be tremendously surprised (in a injurious contrivance) when receiving playing cards in the mail. My well-known wretchedness is for you to know precisely what you is susceptible to be receiving whenever you purchase a card from me. I ask all potential investors to study about the outline and the posted photographs earlier than purchasing or making affords and, the extra condition is required to you, the extra carefully I ask you to see the photographs.

At the identical time, that which you can depend on me to be completely steady in my checklist practices. I enact now not strive to mask any flaws or defects. Rather, I enact my handiest to stress all condition-connected components thru the photographs. I could fully portray (in the supreme paragraph of this piece) any flaws I sight that are refined to lift in photographs or that I mediate may perhaps perchance gallop disregarded. Despite all the pieces, in the event you purchase a card from me, this can in all chance be for your hands within a week and I ask that that which you can promptly see its condition. So, now not easiest enact I mediate in asserting integrity in the industry, I furthermore watch no succor to temporarily misleading investors.

Please label that mistakes enact happen. I would also unbiased fail to see a condition wretchedness, or I would also unbiased omit to point one thing out after making a psychological existing to enact so. I enact now not advertise refunds on memoir of I mediate this can invite fraud. Nevertheless, I’m willing to take into memoir all cheap requests in the event you is susceptible to be feeling you obtained a card that became now not precisely described (right here or in pics). Factual send me a message explaining the wretchedness and I could are trying my handiest to resolve it. If the error became for your portion, I could possible inquire of that you just quilt transport and costs charged thru PayPal. If the error became on my portion, I could fabricate things steady.

I enact now not see graded playing cards for condition. Further, I’m now not susceptible to sight any miniature imperfections with the brick (graded card case). If the condition of the brick is required to you, please inquire of me for pics and I could be joyful to oblige.

Unless in any other case infamous, playing cards are shipped top quality in a bubble envelope, in or with a brand silent top loader and penny sleeve, protected by cardboard on all aspects. This may perhaps well perchance be effectively packaged to come at your door precisely as shown in the pics.

I could mix transport on all orders! All playing cards despatched in or with a brand silent case. I don’t use scotch tape!

*Uncommon Holo parallel numbered to 50. Appears mint+.

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