Most Valuable Ungraded Michael Jordan Cards

i’m gonna go through and do a top-selling michael jordan cards that are ungraded so i’ll do a ebay search and look for just michael jordan cards and just ones that aren’t graded and we’ll pick the we’ll do the top 15 uh sellers there so buy amounts sold.

starting off number 15 most valuable jordan ungraded card that was bought on ebay we have the 1985 jewel prism michael jordan star rookie refractor sticker even with uh his last name being spelled

Wrong still sold for 5999.99 and 19.99 shipping and it looks like this one graded has sold for as much as 53 thousand dollars at a grade 8. all right so number 14 we’ve got the the 1986 fleer michael jordan chicago bulls rookie card uh obviously this one’s it’s like the holy grail for any jordan collector is having that rookie

Card uh so it doesn’t look like it’s in amazing shape it looks like the corners are kind of dinged up there might be some scuffing along the edges the centering looks pretty good so it’s got that going for it and this one sold for 7500 with free shipping all right number 13 we have a more recent jordan card 2007 2008 upper deck premiere first round phenoms

upper deck premiere

It’s an autographed card numbered to 23. um and it looks like i can’t tell if that’s a sticker auto or if it’s on card but nice looking card all around it sold for 7 500 with 10 shipping so the only difference between this one and the previous card is the the ten dollar shipping put this um put this one at number 13. okay so number 12 kind of surprises me

Just a little bit um i’m not real sure how this one could have possibly sold for seven thousand seven hundred dollars uh it’s just a a base michael jordan from 1990 91 uh hoops uh and it sold for 7 700. looks like it’s in great condition um obviously in a a nice plastic hard case but for a base card to sell for that they must have

Found the right buyer uh so i guess that goes to show you just throw it out there and you never know what will happen but 7 700 for a base michael jordan 90 91 hoops card and that sold recently sold january 9th of this year so it’s not like it was you know years ago or anything so so pretty recent okay coming in at number 11 we have the 8687 fleer jordan sticker it’s a rookie rookie card so the the

Same year as his rookie card um this was the in the sticker set so his card for here it went for 7 87 and this sold on february 3rd of this year so just with within this month and it had 52 bids on this so not a bad deal for a ungraded card there let’s go to number 10. another newer one we have 2005 2006

I’m assuming i’m not sure what the brand is on this but so exquisite collection enshrinements autograph and this is number three of 25. it appears that that’s an on card autograph it doesn’t look like that’s a sticker to me um nice looking card so this one went for nine thousand dollars plus ten dollar shipping number nine we have another uh rookie

exquisite collection

Card this one not even in a sleeve or anything i went for ten thousand dollars and this was on let’s see so this one sold on february 3rd and it just had one bid uh so i’m assuming the the minimum bid requirement was ten thousand dollars so not a bad deal there number eight we have 1991 nike trading card

Factory sealed case oh so actually i messed up this is a case of cards i’ll go ahead and leave this one in this one this sold for ten thousand dollars so it’s a a sealed case of 40 i’m assuming 40 cards from 1991 for for nike uh looks like it’s got spike lee on the uh the packaging there so we’ll go on to number seven uh and this is my my personal favorite of the uh of the batch uh so we have a

2013-14 upper deck exquisite shoe laces patch and this is uh autograph and it’s numbered three out of ten um i again can’t tell that looks like on card to me and it doesn’t seem like a sticker so um actually it says right there on card auto not a sticker um not sure if those are game used laces or not um be cooler if they were

But just a really nice card in my opinion my favorite one out of these and that comes in at number seven selling that eleven thousand nine hundred dollars and it sold on january 20th of this year uh and actually it looks like it was a best offer so uh it would have at least been uh ten thousand dollars on that ten thousand two eleven thousand

Nine hundred okay let’s go to number six we have 2011 2012 exquisite uh noticing a trend with these exquisite cards and so this is a floor a four player card with uh jordan lebron james magic johnson and julius irving and this is number two of five uh looks like all on card autos there and uh either college or high school uh logos

So very cool card that sold for eleven thousand it was listed for eleven thousand eight hundred ninety nine uh with fifty dollars in shipping and it looks like a best offer was accepted on that as well all right so number five we have another multiplayer card so this one is from 2012 2013 upper deck another exquisite and it’s got michael jordan magic johnson and larry bird

And it’s number three of ten uh very nice looking card you can see the a young larry bird and a young magic johnson there i’m assuming a young michael jordan there as well looks like they went to the the college days for this one so that one was listed for uh 16 999 and it looks like that’s what it sold for on february 15th of this year so just a

Couple weeks ago this sold for almost 17 000 all right number four uh again another multiplayer signature card here 2003 sp authentic and this has michael jordan julius irving and kobe bryant um and this is numbered one of 15 all on card autos and this is when jordan was the wizards as well it’s a little bit different than the other ones we’ve seen so far

upper deck final floor auto

So it looks like this one was an auction and it sold for 17 600 with 50 in shipping and they had 51 bids and it sold on february 1st of this year then number three we have a 1999 2000 upper deck final floor auto and that’s another on card auto and this is number two of 23 and it looks like the the numbered portion was also written uh by jordan so very cool feature of

This card um and i’m assuming this it says seizing the game there on the cards i’m wondering if that game piece the looks like maybe part of the floor um you know was from that that game on that day so this one was listed for twenty five thousand dollars my best offer was accepted and that was on february 14th of this year so somebody got a nice

Valentine’s day present uh coming in at number two we have a 2008 2009 upper deck premiere another four player auto this one features michael jordan kobe bryant lebron james and kevin garnett on card autos numbered 9 out of 10. and this one was listed and nope this was an auction and it received 82 bids and sold for 33 101 uh with 12 shipping which i feel like if i sold

Something for 33 000 i’d probably just give give shipping for free at that point this one sold on december 27 of 2020 [Music] and the number one sold ungraded card from michael jordan uh is a 2008-2009 upper deck exquisite dual auto uh on card featuring kobe bryant and

Michael jordan it’s numbered six of 25. this was an auction and it received 54 bids and sold for 46 100 with a hundred dollars shipping and that was also on valentine’s day of this year so an even better valentine’s day present but imagine getting 46 000 for a card that’s not graded you just pulled it straight from a pack And you and you sell it for that much not not a bed not a bad day.