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Numbered to just 499, base Mock Center freshman cards are genuinely remarkable. For such a restricted print run on a base youngster card, I feel like this is one of Lebron’s most misjudged tenderfoot cards.

On the off chance that you can accept it, a public service announcement 10 duplicate sold for just $89 at sell off on 11/27/2018. While, on 3/21/2017 pwcc_auctions had one end with a last offered of just $293.88 which, is very low. Notwithstanding, gatherers have gotten on to the uncommonness of this card with the latest sale finishing on 9/5/2018 at $926.

Populace Report
43 of the base freshmen have been reviewed by public service announcement up until this point. Of those 43 over half were in Diamond Mint 10 condition. The white edges, smooth surface and absence of lines permit this card to land higher grades. Think about buying a crude one and submitting it to public service announcement for reviewing yourself. The worth may be going up on the Deride Center newbie card.

2003 Deride Interwoven designs a set that zeroed in fundamentally on pullover memorabilia of past, present, and future NBA players. The base set had new kids on the block numbered out of either 1500 or 799. Lebron James youngsters are restricted to just 799 duplicates notwithstanding, the Star Ruby equal is considerably more interesting with just 50 duplicates printed. Star Ruby equals still up in the air by the red foil ink on the front and back of the card.

Populace Report
Public service announcement has reviewed 24 of Deride Interwoven designs, 15 being in Jewel Mint 10 condition. Thus, most would agree your chances are great if submitting one yourself. 7 of the 50 Star Ruby equals have been reviewed and 4 were slabbed in a Diamond Mint 10 case.

This 130-card set was separated into various player fragments. Cards 1-90 are veterans while cards 91-100 are veteran short prints. Cards 101-130 comprise of youngsters with the singular cards being numbered to 1,000. These cards were given five-per-pack, and 16 packs-per-box. LeBron James, Carmelo Anthony and Dwayne Swim are the key freshman cards in the set.

Because of the ink breaking off the edges, these foil cards are know to ineffectively grade. The public service announcement populace report will let us know exactly the way that intense they are.

Populace Report
Public service announcement has evaluated 61 cards and just 12 were in Jewel Mint 10 condition. Consequently, a public service announcement Pearl Mint 10 duplicate of this card pretty interesting. Consider buying cards that have proactively been evaluated by other outsider organizations. On the off chance that you look sufficiently, you can find one for a deal and submit to public service announcement yourself. You could land a 10 on the off chance that you’re fortunate.

2003 Topps Chrome Lebron James Youngster Card #111 on eBay

Topps Chrome youngster cards are an unquestionable requirement for most gatherers. Regardless of their expanded accessibility, gobs of cash are as yet doled out for every one. The plan emulates the ordinary Topps set except for the Topps Chrome logo and the unmistakable Topps Chrome finish.

There are a large group of equal refractors in the set, including base Refractors, Dark Refractors (#500), and X-Fractors (#200). X-Fractors were given one for every leisure activity box as a clincher, and arrived in a fixed attractive case. Gold Refractor base cards are (#99) for veterans and (#50) for freshmen.

Populace Report
3,803 Lebron James Topps Chrome base tenderfoot cards have been submitted to public service announcement for evaluating. An excellent all out of 1,765 were slabbed in a Pearl Mint 10 case. That is simply under a half achievement rate while holding back nothing 10 grade.


You can scarcely tell from the image however the Deride E-X cards are really made of clear acetic acid derivation. One more exemplary illustration of a tenderfoot card that sparkles much better while grasping it, went against to survey it on the web. Exceptionally underestimated and neglected as I would like to think.

The base youngsters aren’t numbered yet the three-card packs make them intense to pull. The Fundamental Accreditation Presently matches numbered to 102 is unbelievably intriguing. The conspicuous distinction is that the card is blue rather than gold.

Populace Report
122 of the Mock E-X LeBron James youngster cards have been reviewed up until this point. Subsequently, is really noteworthy when contrasted with his different cards. 30 of those 122 were considered to be in Diamond Mint 10 condition. Overall, for $1,049.


Mock Platinum adopted a classic strategy to their 2003 plan. What strikes a chord while review these cards is the 1987 Deride set with the double variety square shape boxes on top and base. They have an exceptionally fine semi-sparkle finish on both the front and back. Which, is a significant reason for chipping and brightening on the edges.

Base youngsters fluctuate with accessibility. Lebron James youngster cards are restricted to just 750 duplicates. Chronic numbers are situated on the back base right corner, in silver foil ink. Moreover, the Matte card stock permits them grade genuinely simple.

Populace Report
With the dull blue edges on the top front and on the posterior, arrival a public service announcement 10 grade on this card could be darn close to incomprehensible. As of now, just 2 public service announcement Pearl Mint 10 exists. Of the 30 cards presented, the most populated grade was a NM-MT 8 with 17. Comparitively, just 6 duplicates of Mint 9’s are in populace.

2003 Bowman Mark #56
Sequential Numbered out of 1250
2003 Bowman Mark Lebron James Youngster Card 56 public service announcement Diamond Mint 10
2003 Bowman Mark Lebron James Youngster Card #56 on eBay

Populace Report
The explanation these cards, in Diamond Mint 10 condition, sell for so high is on the grounds that they are very condition delicate. The most noteworthy populace for the base Lebron James is public service announcement 7 at 14 absolute cards. Only 8 duplicates dwell in a public service announcement Jewel Mint 10 case. Making them more uncommon and important.

2003 Energy #94
Sequential Numbered out of 500

2003 Energy Lebron James Freshman Card #94 on eBay

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2003 Style offers clean chromium type completed cards with a hued foil frame that highlights the boundaries. The sequential numbered stamp on the back matches the ink variety on the front. Base freshmen have a light blue foil frame and the Gold equal (Line 1) has a gold foil diagram and stamp.

Populace Report
With the white lines on the upper left and base right, focusing can be a piece precarious. Besides, smooth surfaces are an issue with minor scratches or flaws. Up until this point, 30 of the base Lebron James new kids on the block have been submitted. Just 20% (6) were proclaimed to be in Pearl Mint 10 condition. Chances are that you’ll land a Mint 9 or less assuming you present a duplicate yourself. Be that as it may, it’s most certainly worth the $20.

Mock Authentix cards are intended to look like a real NBA game ticket stub. They even accompany an UPC filtering code at the top. Lebron’s card is showing the Cleveland Cavaliers versus the Denver Pieces at 8:00 PM on Marry. Nov. 5, 2003. These weren’t real ticket hits any other way you would have a ton of fans battling about a similar segment 104, line 1 seat 1. A few extraordinary equals to pay special attention to are recorded beneath.

Base Set:
Newbie Authentix – numbered to 1250
Supporter Tickets – Lower Level – numbered to 200
Promoter Tickets – Upper Level – numbered to 40
Sponsor Tickets – Luxery Box – numbered to 10

Overhang – numbered to 250
Club Box – numbered to 100
Standing Room Just – numbered to 25

Populace Report
Shockingly, just 14 of the base Lebron James Deride Authentix newbie cards have been submitted up until this point. Of those 14 simply 4 were considered to be in diamond mint condition. Making a public service announcement 10 of this card exceptionally uncommon and significant.

2002 Best #178
Sequential Numbered out of 250

2002 Best Lebron James Newbie Card Refractor #178 on eBay

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Albeit this new kid on the block card is a refractor and restricted to just 250 duplicates, it isn’t succeeding in the energy office. The 2002 Topps Best refractor has the most un-invigorating picture of LeBron on it. He’s in a white suit holding up the number 1 sign with his left hand. No matter what the tailored suit, this new kid on the block card actually sells for a ton of batter. Un-reviewed duplicates are almost difficult to track down. Most duplicates have previously been reviewed or are buried in a vault.

Populace Report
51 have been public service announcement reviewed and just 20 duplicates are accessible in Jewel Mint 10 cases. The least evaluated card got a grade of public service announcement 2 Great. Who knows how a current card got such a second rate. Perhaps the card has spent most of its life in a kitchen cabinet?

Haphazardly embedded into packs, the SP Mark Lebron James newbie auto is profoundly pursued. The general format and plan of the card is genuinely tasteful with its restricted varieties. Silver foil illustrating the upper text of the card likewise adds an exquisite touch to this more exceptional card brand.

In the same way as other of the Lebron new kids on the block, this one has reprints drifting around. Use alert if s