Top Stephen Curry Rookie Cards to Buy!

Stephen Curry 2009 Panini Stickers Made in BRAZIL #189 PSA 6 – POP 1 – RARE!!!!Psa collector what’s going on guys it’s matt with psa back with another video in today’s video guys i’m gonna cover the top five stephen curry rookie cards to buy now essentially okay the steph curry market is going up up up guys if you haven’t noticed these cards have been taken off and they’re not slowing down anytime soon a lot of expectations for curry this

Season despite klay thompson being out guys he he is right now depending on who you asked considered the best shooter of all time he’s got three rings if he gets a fourth one or even a fifth one man his cards can just continue to go up all right so i’m going to talk about his rookie cards which ones to look at uh which ones could be uh good buys now

Stephen Curry Rookie Cards

Affordable prices and essentially his biggest and his best rookie card of all time and it’s not an autograph or a patch card uh right now according to the market uh it’s very shocking to me with the money that’s being spent on his card so without any further ado guys let’s go ahead and jump into this video okay guys number five it’s now you guys gotta understand the

2009 2010 era uh years is the transition between essentially tops and panini it’s the last year that tops made top scrolling basketball cards and that’s when panini took over so there’s not many sets to you know of of steph curry rookie cards and or james harden either it’s it’s a very odd year you guys got to keep that in mind when you’re looking at these cards okay it’s Not like we have all the options that we have today like panini prism and optic and select and you know mosaic no back in 2009 the hobby was totally different okay there’s the strike going on and the transition of the the licenses the nba license sports card license okay so number five is the 2009 panini prestige uh steph curry rookie card now there’s three options guys

2009 Topps Steph Curry – real or fake?

There’s number 157 number 207 and number 230 okay so let’s go ahead and pull it up on the screen so right now i have number 230 open and as you can see it’s it’s not the most attractive card um the a recent auction sold agenda 10 sold for 250 dollars this is the the lower end one it’s he’s out he’s in this davidson uniform his college uniform is rookie card 250

Stephen Curry Rookie Cards

Psa 10 if you scroll down guys you look at the graph they’re slowly going up i mean who would have thunk it that these cards would be going up i never would have because of you know the the the you know it’s it’s not that the best designs what i’m trying to say it’s a very basic cards panini prestige but it’s a steph curry rookie card and they at one time were very dirt cheap 60

40 50 bucks 45 bucks for a psa 10 now they’re averaging around 200 to 250 okay so this is the number 230 panini prestige the other option is the 207 which is he’s in his uh the warriors uniform um it looks like he’s at a he’s not in an nba game he’s had like a practice or something so not the best card but it does sell for more than the 200 number 230 yet so number 207 is roughly on average 300 right now you scroll down you look at the graph they’re going up up up guys the panini prestige rookie cards this is number five okay you gotta keep that in mind this is gonna be his lower lower end stuff so the number two host 207 penny prestige is the uh the second best and then the number one card seems to be

The number 157 all right look at these prices they’re selling on average for around 500 okay and it’s uh same thing looks like he’s on a practice human practice game but it’s number 157 i’m not sure how panini organized the numbers if the higher numbers are rare the lower numbers are rare i don’t know but according to the market this is the card to get as you can see they sell for

Stephen Curry Rookie Cards

Significantly more double than what the other two cards sell for so look for these raw and ungraded on ebay guys or if you have any raw and ungraded these are definitely going to be psa candidates the 2009 panini prestige steph curry rookie cards all right and number four is gonna be 2009 panini so panini made just a base panini uh set in 2009. they still do they still

Make base panini but i mean because we have so many other options in the hobby not many people are picking them up however in 2009 the options are not there so people we have no choice collectors have no choice and they get the 2009 panini card so there are three tiers steph curry cards and the uh the cheaper one is the number 372 he’s in his college uniform the davidson

Uniform 372 these currently sell for around 240 okay steph curry panini number 372. scroll down look at the graph they’ve been slowly going up psa 10 is going up 240 200 250 you know i’d say a good price right now would be 200 psa 10 or buy them raw and ungraded submit the psa and see what you get so the other 2009

2009 TOPPS STEPHEN Steph CURRY RC Rookie #321 PSA 9Penny steph curry card it says number 357 which on average sells for around 735 dollars same thing as the panini prestige he’s at a practice game you know it’s a photo of him at the practice game so it’s very tough to judge which one is better pernini prestige or panini um according to the market these sell for uh recent auction was 3735 so they’re going up up up the number

357. look at that spike guys 735 they were selling for 115 50 in the end of 2019 not too long ago before the boom 50 bucks on average now they’re just shot up but also the steph curry hype has shot up as well along with the uh the sports card hype so that’s why uh the spike is so high there so steep and lastly his number one card in the

2009 panini set is the number 307 card which the recent auction from propsteen sold for 777 dollars however vegas card queen had a best offer of 700. com c consignment had an auction at 7 12. so guys pretty pretty steep pretty uh you know average selling price of around seven hundred dollars for the 2009 panini

Steph curry rookie car number 307 this seems to be the one to get and as you can see another incredibly steep spike in price okay so that’s the number four card check out the ebay find the raw ungraded cards you know scoop them up cement in the psa and who knows where the market’s gonna be at by mid season number three is a 2009 bowman steph curry rookie card 1948 design all right

Uh there are there’s a base card there’s a black parallel and there’s a blue parallel obviously the black parallel is going to be the rarest so only seven have been submitted so far the blue is the second rarest and the base is still guys 169 have been submitted that’s rare these are all serial numbers all right let’s see how much we’re selling for

Blue black i’m gonna go ahead and do the base the base i think is selling for oh a recent best offer at 2500 and then an auction at 2 1700. so these are going up up up guys it’s their serial number look at that spike serial number out of the base for serial number 200 2009 so only 2009 of these cards uh were printed

And high grades are uh i don’t i wouldn’t imagine they’re too hard to grade but the pop report says so far that they’re rare and not many have even been submitted let alone the grades i wouldn’t worry about the grade guys if you see them for cheap even though the condition looks rough i will still pick them up the price is right uh looking at the blue these are serial

Numbered out of 1948 so 1948 recent auction by super super cali bear was four thousand 000 this is the blue parallel serial numbered out of like i said 1948 steph curry rookie card um it’s a you know a base set option that you know i’m pretty much covering non-autograph non-game jersey cards in this video okay because that’s gonna be a whole different video the autographed

Game patch cards that’s like uh that market is all over the place i want to cover the basic easy stuff that everybody can comprehend and understand and go pick up some steph curry rookie cards if they can afford it now look at let’s see what the nines are selling for 700 not bad so this is back in july of 2020 psa 9 700 so it’s probably up so the 1948 bowman guys

Stephen Curry Cards

The base card serial numbered out of 2009 and then the blue parallel serial number out of 1948. steph curry rookie cards big money guys very collectible going up in value uh his career is just i think it’s gonna get better and so better base tops psa 10 steph curry rookie recently sold at auction five thousand dollars guys base top steph curry rookie let’s look at the graph down

Below what were they selling at okay so a spike in a dip new support 4 000 roughly 4 300 even um they were selling at beginning of the year 500 january of 2020 they were selling at 500 so if you picked one up at 500 they’re now rookie cars anytime soon so that’s the base tops five thousand dollars psa 10 psa nines roughly uh anywhere uh a thousand to fifteen hundred

Wow maybe not even a thousand that’s low it looks like thirteen hundred dollars for a psa nine pwcc had one sell for 1100 which i think is low compared to the other prices still psa nine psa is what it’s selling for 600 not bad not bad i would consider picking a psa up at that price so that was number two number one the holy grail steph curry rookie card so far

Is going to be the 2009 cops chrome guys look at these pop reports look how low they are so the base are serial numbered out of 999 and the refractors are selling serial number out of 500 so only 500 steph curry refractor cards were printed are in existence and look at these prices they are just they went to the moon 60 000 for a psa 10 on october 2020 by pwcc pristine mj sports he’s another

High end seller buy it now look he had to buy it now in april for 25 000 oh man he’s regretting that i guarantee he’s regretting that auction pwcc had an auction in april for 18 19 000. man look at that guys that is insane sixty thousand dollars for psa 10 man oh man what i would give you how awesome that would be to have in your

Collection serial numbered out of 500. let’s see where this what’s that six sell for september 2020 7 500 the nines are currently at well best offer 20 000 in october so big big money in the steph curry rookie cards the refractors even the base card check out the base cards guys what are they selling for the base tops chrome serial numbered out

Of 999 26 grand holy cow dude 26 000 for a base tops chrome steph curry rookie card 26 000 and this is by you know some odd seller like i’ve never heard of this guy you know so we know it probably wasn’t inflated like a lot of people say pwcc auctions are they’re inflated by the seller or other multiple accounts twenty six thousand dollars thirty one

Thousand twenty three grand this is a base tops chrome guys insane insane insane what were they selling for the graph doesn’t even show there’s not a graph down here so in 2017 wow three thousand dollars 2018. so they’ve always been pricey these are probably i would say these steph car steph curry cards to own tops chrome we all know guys tops chrome is the premium card to have in the hobby

Everybody wants the tops chrome card rookie card uh it’s similar to optic today that’s why a lot of guys are uh you know heavy on the optic cards because they resemble tops chrome the most i think the optic the white borders it just you know panini did a great job looking uh trying to mimic the tops chrome with the optic set so i’m heavy on the optic cards the working cards and uh

This is this is exactly why because how collectible and valuable and popular and attractive i love the top scroll set the fields chromium finish the refractors guys you know those are beautiful to look at everybody likes the for fractures modern day you know people call them prisms or hollows silvers yeah look at that beauty man oh man

Steph Curry Rookies

Awesome card i’m actually looking for gonna look to buy any 2009 tops chrome refractors simply because of the james harden and the steph curry cards so that’s a little tip for you guys to stay stay around and watch the entire video look for the 2009 or similar sets top scrum sets with iconic you know legendary hall of fame players i’ve talked about this with the 2003 top

Chrome lebron james rookie cards i picked up a shack from that set uh because i think people want are going to want those cards in that set because of you know the uh the huge selling prices of the lebron jam turkey card or for in this example the 2009 top scrum the huge selling price of the steph curry and james harden card so i think the other hall of fame players

In that set kobe bryant’s already expensive uh shaq’s probably going to be expensive but you know maybe some kevin garnett some tim duncan steve nash players like that you can probably pick up for a steal or just keep going up the list you know guys who have a less impressive resume so there it is guys top five steph curry cards uh

Non-autographed non-patch rookie cards all right guys there it is i wanted to share with you real quick the steph curry rookie card market is taking off i mean for for the most part in general the sports car hobbies taking off but who would have thunked it that the curry refractors would have reached 60 000 i never would have otherwise i’d be picking them up back in 2000 2009 you

Know what i mean uh but that’s all i have for you guys check out the panini the base panini the panini prestige rookie cards and the bowman even you can probably pick some of those up raw ungrated guys when it comes to the tops tops chrome and the bowman stuff the serial number stuff it doesn’t matter the condition if the price is right go ahead and scoop it up get those bad boys psa graded

Authenticated and there’s going to be value especially in legendary hall of fame game-changing players like stephen curry and a handful of other players okay so keep that in mind serial number cards are definitely a great investment regardless the condition as long as the player the player’s resumes there all right so thanks for watching hit that subscribe

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Stephen Curry Rookie Cards